Discover Hardware Oriented Applications for SEER-IT

Published on Author Kelly Timko

SEER-IT is a versatile application that enables you to estimate IT infrastructure deployment as well as operations. It is easy to see how SEER-IT can be used to estimate deployment and support of enterprise IT systems. However, SEER-IT can be very effective in estimating the deployment and operations of systems that use custom hardware interconnected by IT based technologies.

This presentation will show:

  • How SEER-IT can be used to estimate the deployment and operations of the IT based technologies prevalent in network centric systems (NCS)
  • How to estimate the required systems engineering needed to bring estimating
  • Where and when to use SEER-SEM, SEER-H and SEER-IT for different components of a NCS
  • Examples of a SEER-IT estimate for NCS and hardware oriented systems are included