Calibrating COTS Estimates

Published on Author Dan Galorath

The COTS estimation capability in SEER-SEM offers three options for sizing: Quick Size, Features Based, or Objects Based.    You can choose the sizing method you want to use from the Create/Modify dialog.  


In addition to choosing the sizing method, there are ways to calibrate the COTS size estimate, explained after the jump.

Add to the COTS Quick Size List

In SEER-SEM Properties.INI, you can edit the [Application Type] list.   


The application list are the options that appear in the Quick Size list.  The number next to each application type represents the number of unadjusted function points for that type of application.    The figures that come with SEER-SEM are  based on demographics from the database.

Apply a size calibration factor

Most people are not aware, but the COTS module offers a size calibration factor.   It defaults to 1 and is visible only when in calibration mode or when building a kbase.  You change this factor to any number >0.   This figure can be used to scale the size estimate before effort is estimated.


 Add to the Component Type List

This ia a bit more advanced, but you may also add different COTS Component Types.  In SEER-SEM Properties.INI, you edit the [Visibility Level] list.  These are the items that appear in the component type list.  The figures to the right relate to various expansion factors used.  You can add a component type for perhaps a specific class or brand of COTS that you might regularly use.