What should I do if I need to send someone a project but I have a more recent version of SEER-SEM?

Published on Author Dan Galorath

Use the Export Commands feature to generate a server mode script which can be used to recreate the project in earlier versions of SEER-SEM.

How to use Export Commands

  1. In SEER-SEM, go to the Tools menu and select Export Commands.
    menu exp commands
  2. In the Export Commands dialog box, make the following selections:
    exp commands dialog box

    • For the Work Element option, select Entire Project.
    • For the Output To option, select File.
    • For the Output With option, select KBase and Parameters.
  3. Next, click the Export button which will open the Save As dialog box.
  4. In the Save As dialog box, specify a file name and save it in a location where you can access the *.txt file later.
  5. You can send the *.txt file since it is compatible with any version of SEER-SEM. However, if you have an earlier version of SEER-SEM available, you can run the command file which will recreate the project. Afterwards, you can save the project and then send the files.
  6. To run the command file in SEER-SEM, go to the Tools menu and select Run Command File.
    menu run command
  7. In the Command File dialog box, navigate to the location of the *.txt file, select it, and then click Open.